April 21, 2012

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December 31, 2011

I have moved my blog

In the case of recent events I have created a new blog to share with me and summer (The girl that I am going to, or already have married, depending on when you read this)

Visit us at 

November 18, 2010

Paul Millsap - The Ultimate Shaft

So today I got home after a long morning and noticed that the NBA All Star Ballot was out. Even though I know its just a popularity contest I still wanted to go on and vote. I know that Chris Paul and Kobe will get the popular vote over Derron and Okur would not be likely out with a injury... But the avid jazz fan that I am I decided to hop on. D Will... Check! Okur... Check! AK?... Surprised! Jefferson... Check! Millsap.... um.... what... where is my boy Millsaps name?

To my despair he was left of the ballot! How could this be was the first thing that I thought. Then I thought, well maybe its just cause I am a Jazz fan and I think he is better only cause he is a Jazz player. So I did what any normal person would do... I compared the other forwards on the ballot, but not to my surprise Millsap was better than most then statistically. So here is what I did

I took the top 8 categories (Points, Rebounds, Assists, Field Goal %, Free Throw %, Steals, Blocks and Turnovers) I took the current to date stats of all the forwards on the west ballot and ranked them from 1-25 The best person in that category got 1 point and the worse got 25. I did that will all 8 categories and them added them up. And this is what I came up with

1 Pau Gasol 6 2 1 3 12 16 2 9 51
2 Rudy Gay 4 14 4 5 2 3 8 16 56
3 Paul Millsap 8 9 5 2 14 9 11 5 63
4 Luis Scola 5 7 12 4 16 13 10 7 74
5 Carmelo Anthony 2 13 6 13 5 4 9 23 75
6 Kevin Durant 1 16 9 21 1 5 6 25 84
7 David West 15 17 14 7 7 7 7 12 86
8 Tim Duncan 19 8 10 6 21 14 1 15 94
9 LaMarcus Aldridge 11 12 13 18 11 8 4 24 101
10 Andrei Kirilenko 22 22 3 20 9 10 5 11 102
11 Al Jefferson 14 10 23 17 10 25 3 4 106
12 Dirk Nowitzki 3 11 21 14 3 24 12 20 108
13 Lamar Odom 16 6 2 1 25 22 21 17 110
14 Kevin Love 9 1 19 22 4 21 16 19 111
15 Zach Randolph 13 3 18 9 18 15 24 13 113
16 Ron Artest 25 25 17 23 6 2 17 1 116
17 David Lee 18 4 7 15 17 11 23 22 117
18 Michael Beasley 7 20 20 8 19 12 13 21 120
19 Blake Griffin 12 5 16 10 24 17 19 18 121
20 Hedo Turkoglu 21 24 11 16 15 18 14 2 121
21 Jeff Green 10 15 25 19 8 19 20 8 124
22 Grant Hill 23 19 15 12 13 20 15 10 127
23 Trevor Ariza 24 21 8 25 20 1 22 6 127
24 Carl Landry 17 18 24 11 23 23 25 3 144
25 Caron Butler 20 23 22 24 22 6 18 14 149

Additionally I thought, if Millsap was on a team like the Kings or Timberwolves where they did not have as much talent as the Jazz, Lakers or Spurs then his numbers would be higher. So I went back and while I can not penalize the players or take them out cause their teams suck, I had to put a HUGE asterisks next to their name that their numbers would not be as good if they were on one of the better teams. So I have made anyone that is on a team below .500 in red!

Surprisingly Millsap came out 3rd in total value according to my personal evaluation, which I think is a decent way of showing.

One might say that they kept him out cause they have to include all teams and even it out, so I took the ballot and looked at the teams and who had the most invites

Team #
Hawks 6
Lakers 6
Bucks 5
Celtics 5
Grizzlies 5
Pistons 5
Suns 5
Bobcats 4
Bulls 4
Cavaliers 4
Clippers 4
Heat 4
Hornets 4
Jazz 4
Magic 4
Mavericks 4
Rockets 4
Sixers 4
Thunder 4
Warriors 4

The Utah Jazz have 4 total players on the ballot while teams like the Lakers (6) Hawks (6) Bucks (5) Celtics Grizzlies (5) Pistons (5) and Suns (5) have more. So its not a total team problem. Then I noticed that the Jazz had quite a few forwards in the mix, maybe that was the reason. they do have 3 forwards. But I also noticed that Al Jefferson is listed as a forward and has played every game for the Jazz as a center. Which hurts Big Al's chance cause the competition is tougher! Al could have easily been listed as a center and Millsap as a forward and kept it fair.

And if anything else, I am well aware that the All Star Game, really isn't the All Star Game as much as it is the Popularity Star Game and Mr Stern is more about the face than the actual game! But in my opinion Millsap deserves to be there more than anyone else on the Jazz... But Williams.

So was this on purpose? Or does stern and his "All Star Committee" really think that Millsap does not deserve to be on the list? I would put this as bad as when Williams got shafted in 2009 from the All Star team... But at least he was on the ballot!

Put your comments below with your opinion and don't forget to log in and vote Millsap as a write in on the ballot!

November 17, 2010

My Brother Bryce Is My Hero!

This last week was the wedding of my brother Bryce.  The day came quicker than I imagined and it still doesn't feel completely real that my little brother of 21 years old.... Has a family that I am not a part of! But I am so proud of the little guy!!!! He is my hero in many ways! Even though he is 5 years younger than me, he has set many examples for me in my life that I look up to him for. And even though he may not realize it he has helped me in so many ways!

I remember when I was in 9th grade I started wrestling and in Jr High Wrestling I took 2nd in state my first year. Although Jr High is so much easier than high school... It was my first year ever wrestling and I was proud of myself. That summer the coach worked with me and got me to wake up at 6am every morning (for those of you that know me know that is hard to do) to go lift weights to prepare myself for high school. I still remember to this day how excited I was to help my little brother Brycey learn how to wrestle cause he would have a head start on me and I could make him amazing! I took him a few times to lift weights but for the most part he was not into it. He more enjoyed playing his trumpet and choir. But he knew how much I wanted him to. When I was on my mission I had a REALLY hard time when I first went out there! Between not understanding Italian at all and the basic church stories that everyone knew that i did not pay attention to in primary and Sunday school caught up to me. I didn't feel like I was ready to do it and started wishing I was home with my friends and family. It got to the point where I talked to my mission president about it and he told me to call my family and talk to them. I talked to my mom and dad till 2-3 in the morning and shed a few tears cause to this point in my life I had never had a personal challenge like this. Talking with them helped and I ended up telling my president that I was fine and was not wanting to go home anymore. The support from everyone was amazing but I remember more than anything the next day going to check my email and I had a email from my little brother who at the time was 14 years old and the only part on the email I remember is when he said "Brandon I don't want you to come home, If you stay out there I promise that next year I will wrestle for you" I don't remember what else he said, and at that point I was already staying, but I couldn't believe that he would say that! I knew he didn't want to do that, and I realized how much he was looking up to me.  Through the rest of my mission anytime I had a hard time I would think back to this email and Bryce's few short words would help me get through those hard times.

I also have many fun memories with the little guy, I remember when I was in 5th grade Bryce was in kindergarden and we were in the same elementary school. I was the older brother and my mom had him walking home from school with me every day. Every day I would make my little 5 year old brother carry home all my books and stuff all the way from Wilson Elementary to the Turpin household (which was a good 15-16 blocks) and he always did. Never complained and was my little personal slave. This same year I started a personal business at school selling boondogle that my parents had bought for Hullaballoo but never used for 1/2 the price that the school was selling it to the kids. Everyone came to me for their boondogle and my dad even helped me build a wooden box to hold them all in so I did not loose them. Even though the school quickly shut me down due to the fact they could not compete with my low prices (funny a school stopped a child from creatively thinking) but every day after I was done doing my business outside the school Bryce would carry that wooden box home along with my books. And I don't ever remember him complaining about it!

I also liked to tease him a lot, I remember when Brittney was born me and Bryce were forced to share a room and have bunk beds. I was on the bottom most the time and loved to kick the bottom of his bed till he would get mad and wake up my parents, they would then come in and yell at him for being loud! I found this amusing that I could be bad and he would get in trouble for it.

And I also remember as much hard time as I gave him (which was many) when ever we got in trouble (which was often) he would always want to come and sleep with me on my bed cause he was sad!

I also loved scaring him, there were 2 things that I remember always scaring him about. The first was a skeleton head that I got for Christmas one year. You would put ooze in its head and it would push out its nose mouth and ears. It also for some reason that I do not remember had glow in the dark teeth! I would put something in front of the head when we were put into bed. After about 10 min I would quietly get up and move the object in front of the head, lay back in my bed and point out to Bryce that it was there. He would FREAK out every time! HAHA! Man it was classic! Them my mom or dad would come in and tell me to not do it, take the teeth and leave. It never got old, I probably did it at least 20 times and every time, even though he knew exactly what it was he would freak out and cry!

I also loved listening to music when I would go to bed. I use to put on some Garth Brooks or one of my karaoke tapes and sing and imagine that I was singing on a stage in front of a million people! I LOVED IT! Well when I got my first CD player I acquired a hand me down CD from my dad called Milli Vanilli. It is the most amazing CD ever and I still know all the songs word for word. But on the end of that CD there was a song. In the middle of it this lady starts singing (or I think thats what it is) and she sounds like a freaking ghost. There is also deep beats leading up to this point that build the anticipation. But every time that lady started singing my brother would freak out as much as he would with the glow in the dark teeth! And I was able to do this many many more times than I was the skeleton head! I have even put a clip below so you can see how ridiculous the song is for yourself

If you scroll to 2:30 into the song you will hear the lead up and the lady ghost that scared the crap out of my brother

Even though when he went back to wrestle after promising to me he would, he quit within the first week cause he knew I was not coming home at this point. I love the kid more than anyone knows. Sometimes I think I don't let him know this as much as I probably should. We are not emotional to each other, a few punches and a laugh or 2 and we know we love each other. But I want to come out with words and say how much I love him, and how proud of him I am for what he has done. He is a great example to me and my sisters and I am greatfull he is my brother! 

November 10, 2010

2nd Annual Turpy's Christmas Mix

The time has come again for one of the most anticipated mixes to be released! This year I have taken some of the classics included last year, added a few new ones and taken out the ones that were not as popular.

As each of you know, or should know, I love Christmas!!! I love Christmas lights, I love Christmas trees, I love the smell of Christmas and cuddling in the cold to some hot chocolate or cider! I would say December is by far by favorite month. A HUGE part of the season is the music, with the right mix it could be the most amazing month ever! So I am taking my Christmas music expertize and passing it onto you.

I have made a compilation of 62 AMAZING songs. Just click on the link below and you will be able to download a zip file with all 62 songs that once you un-zip you can put in your media library

If you are not able to open the file than you can use the free program below to open the songs in it